Transfer Your Membership

Interested in Transferring to the Junior League of Syracuse?

We would love to welcome you to the Junior League of Syracuse! Your transfer of your Junior League membership is a great opportunity to make new friends, gain valuable contacts, and learn about the Central New York area.

To transfer, simply follow the steps below. (Please note: In order to transfer, you must be in good standing with your previous League.)

Step 1: Complete your transfer paperwork with your current League. AJLI transfer membership policies apply with respect to required fees due. Please see your outgoing League policies for their refund policies.

Step 2: Your current League is responsible for submitting your paperwork to the AJLI e-update system.

Step 3: A member of the Junior League of Syracuse will then contact you regarding the requirements for completion of your transfer. Currently the JLS’ policies regarding transfer of membership are as follows:

  • Payment of a $15 transfer fee
  • Payment of dues for incoming transfers:
    • From July 1-January 1, incoming transfers pay 50% less the JLS dues, minus the AJLI fee, plus the $15 transfer fee (approximately $43.50)
    • From January 2-June 30, incoming transfers pay the $15 transfer fee, then pay the next year’s JLS membership dues by April 1 (currently $100^)

^ Dues are subject to change

Feel free to contact the Junior League of Syracuse office with any questions.