Member Awards

We are proud of what our members have accomplished within the JLS and in our community. Every year we celebrate those who have excelled in their League and community work.

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Spirit of Mary Harriman Award New Member Award
The League Cup Award Community Service Award
In-League Award Sustainer of the Year
Sustainer Emeritus of the Year


Spirit of Mary Harriman Award: Honors and recognizes an innovative JLS member whose volunteer work continues Mary Harriman’s efforts. This award provides a contemporary link to our founder’s sense of social responsibility and her ability to encourage others to share their talents through effective volunteer service.

Spirit of Mary Harriman Past Recipients:


2021 Barbara Stratton
2020 Margaret Karim 2010 Jo Gregg
2019 Michele Jones Galvin 2009 Addie Silvia
2018 Sharon Slater 2008 Sally Attridge
2017 Mary Pat Oliker 2007 Onetia Pierson
2016 Mary-Pat Northrup 2006 Mary Kate Shane
2015 Mary Jewell Mathews 2005 Martha Hancock Northrup
2014 Cheryl Ward 2004 Peggy Lou Feldmeier
2013 Marion Hancock Fish 2003 Helen Druce
2012 Lucia Whisenand 2002 Letty Murray
2011 Aminy Audi 2001 Cynthia Dietz Tracy
2000 Jean J. Greene



Photo: 2019 Spirit of Mary Harriman Award Winner Michele Jone Galvin and her family 

The League Cup Award: Given to a person who has dedicated an extraordinary amount of volunteer time and effort both in the League and the community: commitment to the JLS by involving participation in League committee work and dedicated to community by regularly spending many volunteer hours within the community.

League Cup Past Recipients:


2021 Anna O’Neil
2020 Season Seferyn 2007 Donna Hamilton
2018 Jennifer Donahoe 2006 Karen Sparkes
2017 Courtney Akers Bintz 2005 Carolyn Brown
2016 Kate Zwecker 2004 Julie Trop
2015 Jessica Walcott Murray 2003 Marilyn Schlegel
2014 Sarah Weber 2002 Molly Loh & Tracey Noble
2013 Betsy Mariotte-McLane 2001 Connie Reger
2012 Linda Dombrow 2000 Lisa Howe
2011 Lynne Hamilton-Johnson 1999 Susan Shubmehl
2010 Rea Carver 1998 Judy Winslow
2009 Maria Miller 1997 Lisa de Silva
2008 Sara Ames 1996 Katie Gang


In-League Award: Given to a member(s) for outstanding contributions to committee work.

In-League Award Past Recipients:


2021 Jessica Pease & Julie Palmer
2020 Jen Baker 2007 Elise Pikarshy & Jacqueline Bruffet
2018 Whitney Browne 2006 Denise Moreen & Donna Hamilton
2017 Marie Norkett 2005 Maria Miller & Connie Reger
2016 Julia Zimmer 2004 Gail Kinsella
2015 Amy Slivka 2003 Alison Kessler
2014 Whitney Daniels 2002 Dina Nice
2013 Courtney Akers Bintz 2001 Nancy Albanese
2012 Jean Kerr 2000 Lillian Abbott Pfohl
2011 Jessica Walcott Murray 1999 Barb Tresness
2010 Linda Dombrow 1998 Linda Syers & Deb Palazzo
2009 Evonne Pacini 1997 Sharon Slater & Judy Winslow
2008 Donna Smith 1996 Beth Kogut & Marilyn Schlegel


2017 In-League Award Winner Marie Norkett Accepts Her Award

















Photo: 2017 In-League Award Winner Marie Norkett Accepts Her Award

New Member Award: Given to a member(s) with 1-3 years League experience for dedication and commitment to the League and to the community.

New Member Award Past Recipients:



2021 Kimber Doolittle & Michelle McGillivray
2020 Julia Kane 2007 Tracy Buchester
2018 Jessica Pease 2006 Sara Ames & Sharon Skantz
2017 Casey Duffy and Amanda Perrine 2005 Krista Peterson
2016 Jackie Popkess 2004 Sara Ames & Danielle Scollo
2015 Lauren Knisely Schaefer 2003 Bridget Scholl
2014 Liz Lane and Kate Zwecker 2002 Meg Lumia & Wendy Stalter
2013 Sara Peirson 2001 Michele Jones-Galvin
2012 Amanda Mathey 2000 Sharon Barrett
2011 Sarah Massett 1999 Carolyn Hill & Beth Lynn Hoey
2010 Jessica Walcott Murray 1998 Lisa Mayer & Lillan Abbott Pfohl
2009 Liz Baker & Kim Lynch 1997 Holly Cucuru, Evelyn Kaye, Mary Schalk
2008 Lisa DeAngelo 1996 Nanette Hayner & Barb Flintrop


2017 New member award winner Casey Duffy accepts her award.2017 New member award winner Amanda Perrine accepts her award.

Photo: 2017 New Member Award Winners Casey Duffy and Amanda Perrine Accept Their Awards

Community Service Award: Given to members(s) for significant community involvement.

Community Service Award Past Recipients:

2018 Karen Krogman Daum
2017 Betsy Mariotte-McLane 2006 Dawn Mills
2016 Jackie Azbill 2005 Mary Pat Northrup
2015 Cheryl Saidel 2004 Gail Kindle
2014 Megan Husted 2003 Karen Sparkes
2013 Brenda Vaccaro 2002 Patti Borer
2012 – 2001 Sandi Schneider
2011 Maureen Maney 2000 Susan Shubmehl
2010 Stephanie Macero 1999 Judy Winslow
2009 Sharon Skantz 1998 Lisa Curtin
2008 Lisa Alford 1997 Wendy Carl Isome & Connie Reger
2007 Susan Shubmehl 1996 Chris Tolley


2017 Community Service Award Recipient Betsy Mariotte-McLane Accepts Her Award

Photo: 2017 Community Service Winner Betsy Mariotte-McLane Accepts Her Award

Sustainer of the Year: Recognizes outstanding contributions by a sustaining member of the League.

Sustainer of the Year Past Recipients:


2021 Janet Burman
2020 Lynne Hamilton-Johnson 2018 Maria Miller
2017 Deborah Donohue 2006 Mary Mathews
2016 Donna Hamilton 2005 Anne Miller
2015 Barbara Stratton 2004 Cheryl Ward
2014 Peggy Fabic 2003 Aminy Audi
2013 Sheila Corbishley 2002 Lisa Moffa
2012 Susan Cronin 2001 Jeanne Jackson
2011 Patti Anderson 2000 Donna Stone
2010 Michelle Alexander 1999 Jerri Wilson
2009 Annmarie Kinnan 1998 Addie Silvia
2008 Patti Anderson 1997 Susan Cronin
2007 Sheila Corbishley  1996 Sally Chapman


New for 2016 – Sustainer Emeritus Award: Recognizes outstanding contributions by a sustaining emeritus member of the League.

Sustainer Emeritus of the Year Past Recipients:

2016 Joan Poorman