Hallmarks of our History

During our long history in central New York, the Junior League of Syracuse has made a demonstrable impact within our community, developing original programs and collaborating with area not-for-profits to address issues including education, child and family wellness, domestic violence, and child abuse.


  • Advocating on the issue of human trafficking
  • Developed annual STEM Expo (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Expo for students of Danforth Middle School in Syracuse, NY, now in its 6th year
  • Educated families from the Southwest Community Center
  • Worked with refugee families at Catholic CharitiesNorthside CYO
  • Raised awareness of child abuse through the planting of pinwheel gardens throughout our community


  • Donated funding and decorated playroom for McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site (now Center)
  • Began the Jerridith Wilson Leadership and Development Fund for member training
  • Redesigned and re-launched Silent Witness as a workplace domestic violence awareness exhibit, now under the operation of Vera House
  • Hosted first annual Silent Witness Walk to end domestic violence
  • Developed “A Child’s Voice” project in partnership with McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site (now Center) to address issues of child abuse


  • Held immunization days for city school children; developed education days parenting seminars, which are still offered today
  • Developed the Silent Witness domestic violence awareness exhibit
  • Developed the “Baby Think it Over” project to help prevent teenage pregnancy
  • Started the Project W.H.A.L.E. collection and donation program for community agencies
  • Participated in Millennium Project for Fire Safety Prevention and Education


  • Worked with the Department of Social Services to establish a Cooperative Review Panel to evaluate the needs of children in foster care
  • Developed and presented a public awareness campaign, “What are our children watching?”
  • Donated funds to the Burnet Park Zoo (now Rosamond Gifford Zoo) education and wildlife conservation program
  • CONTACT Syracuse for development of an after-school program help line
  • Volunteer Connection for a multimedia based program to recruit volunteers


  • Donated funds toward:
    • The purchase of a home for the Directions and Education in Narcotics Halfway House for Women
    • The expansion of the Brighton Family Center
    • Children’s programming at the Onondaga Civic Center
    • The director’s salary at the Discovery Center (now, The MOST)


  • Donated funds toward:
    • The funding of a slide library at the Everson Museum of Art
    • The salary of a secretary for Directions and Education in Narcotics and the Everson Museum of Art Curator of Research and Information
    • A craft mobile for ethnic arts and crafts for the inner city
    • The funding of Home Aides of Central New York


  • Helped the Everson Museum of Art open an art shop
  • Provided docents for the Everson Museum
  • Donated Funds toward:
    • An obstetrical office at Community Hospital
    • The salary of a secretary at the Council on Aging
    • A teaching specialist at Illingsworth Nursery School for the Blind Child
    • A caseworker for the “Multi-Problem Family Project” at Huntington Family Center


  • Sponsored art classes for children at the Everson Museum of Art
  • Funded school concerts for children


  • Started the Christmas Toy Fund
  • Founded the Volunteer Center
  • Provided financial support for programming of the Council of Social Agencies


  • Started the first prenatal clinic in Syracuse
  • Coordinated in-school nutrition classes
  • Assumed management of Camp Hillcrest convalescent home for children